Did Odumeje Really Kill Ada Jesus?

Mercy Mmesoma Obi Nnadi, popularly known as Ada Jesus, was a young and upcoming entertainer. She put smiles on faces with her controversial comedy skits and was never scared of voicing out her opinions. At 23 years old, she had become an online sensation with thousands of followers on social media. Things were seemingly going well for her until the cold hands of death took her away.

Ada Jesus was diagnosed with a kidney disease that left her paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair. Believing that her sickness was not ordinary, it didn’t take too long for her to realize that she had offended an Anambra-based prophet, Odumeje, as well as veteran actress Rita Edochie.

Through her social media accounts, the comedienne accused Odumeje of conniving with Rita Edochie to stage fake miracles. In fact, she went further, alleging that Odumeje and Rita were having an affair. It was only a few months after making these allegations that she became incapacitated and bedridden. Sadly, her kidney disease deteriorated to the point where she lost her speech ability. Even though Odumeje is widely known as a self-proclaimed man of God, that doesn’t make him less human. Angered by Ada Jesus’ accusations, he cursed her right in front of his church members.

Fast forward to April 2021, Ada Jesus’ family members took her to Odumeje’s Church to seek forgiveness, however, Odumeje, who was still very annoyed, declared that no one speaks ill against him and goes scot-free. As if that wasn’t enough, Odumeje promised to spiritually afflict her family and make sure her generations suffer for what she did. This didn’t go well with many Nigerians, especially Christians, who criticized and regarded him as a fake pastor. Equally annoyed with the comedienne, Rita Edochie also vowed not to forgive her but backtracked after facing backlash on social media. Similarly, Prophet Odumeje announced on April 17th that he had forgiven Ada Jesus and offered her a sum of 1 million Naira as compensation, yet, it was rejected by her family members for reasons best known to them. She later suffered a cardiac arrest and died as a result. This begs the question: “Is Odumeje really behind Ada Jesus’ death?”. Well, that’s hard to say, because Ada already had kidney problems long before she insulted Odumeje. An average Nigerian might agree that his curses worked, but in reality, it’s hard to believe they did.

Segun Alabi

Segun Alabi is a news reporter at HotNaija. He covers a wide range of topics including news and celebrity showbiz

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