There Are Many Things God Cannot Do, Says Daddy Freeze

Many Christians agree with the popular saying that "what God cannot do does not exist", however, Daddy Freeze thinks that's not true. The radio host, infamous for his bible teachings, made a lengthy post on Instagram explaining why he thinks there are many things God cannot do. "God cannot commit suicide, God cannot steal for you...So, please stop this nonsense!", Freeze said. The Nigerian-Romanian broadcaster supported his claim with several bible passages, however, that didn't fly with his followers who admonished him for not making his research properly. This is not the first time Daddy Freeze has disagreed with Christians. On several occasions, he has called out many well-known Nigerian religious leaders, including Pastor Adeboye and Bishop Oyedepo over their preachings.

John Paul

John Paul is a senior editor at HotNaija. twitter

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