Kizz Daniel welcomed triplets but one of them died four days after birth

Kizz Daniel has revealed shocking details concerning the birth of his children.

Kizz Daniel and sons Jamal, Jalil and Jelani

Recall that in early May, Kizz Daniel announced on his birthday that he had recently become a father of twins, namely Jelani and Jalil. Although the revelation took his fans by surprise, it may not have been entirely accurate.

In an Instagram post, the singer explained that he actually welcomed triplets but lost one of them just a few days after birth. 

According to the 'Woju' singer, their original names were Jamal, Jelani, and Jalil. Unfortunately, Jamal lost his breath just 4 days later. But the cause of his death was not revealed by the crooner.

The singer believes the twins embody his physical appearance. To him, Jelani has his dimples, while Jalil has his eyes. Sadly, we never got to know which part of him Jamal took after.

Nevertheless, he resolved in his heart to be the best dad to ever walk our galaxy. The Flyboy record label boss further celebrated the new homes he bought for his sons as gifts.

Kizz Daniel rose to fame in 2014 following the release of his hit song 'Woju', which ruled Nigerian party grounds, followed by numerous hit songs like Mama, Poko, Jaho, Laye, etc.

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