Mummy Wa bags Master's degree from UNILAG

Popular Nigerian Comedienne Kemi Ikuseedun, popularly known as Mummy Wa, has obtained a Master of Science degree from the University of Lagos.

The comedienne, who actively features in skits alongside Comedian Mr Macaroni, took to her Instagram page to celebrate her Master's convocation. 

She thanked God for seeing her through her academics journey as she shared beautiful pictures that portrayed her state of joy. Ikuseedun also noted that she is satisfied with her Master's Degree and won't go further for a Doctorate for now. 

She shared some of her graduation photos.

Meanwhile, earlier this year, she came out to clear the air on her relationship with Mr Macaroni, the director of the skit show in which she features. She's known to play the role of Mr Macaroni's wife. However, she dismissed the claims to be untrue. Although she admitted that she's grateful for being opportune to play the role of Mr Macaroni's wife. She earlier wrote:

“At the beginning, it was looking a little bit bumpy and rocky, and all of a sudden, everything became smooth. I am really grateful for that. I am thankful for Mr Macaroni. I am very happy that I get to play Mrs Macaroni all the time.”

In other news, Nollywood actor Mofehintola Jebutu was also reported to have obtained a Master of Arts degree from the same institution. 

Despite the rising scorn on Education in the Entertainment Industry, many Nigerian celebrities are still shining the light on Education.

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