Biggie punishes Saga for revealing secret task to Nini

Nini and Saga

Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eye housemate, Saga, who was recently secretly ordered by Biggie to pick a fight with his love interest, Nini, and avoid the latter until the next diary session, has woefully failed the secret task. Despite the enticing reward of 200 tokens promised by Biggie, the housemate who is drawn to Nini couldn't contain himself as he flouted the rule of the secret game by speaking with Nini and tying the reason for his actions to Biggie's instructions.

Of course, this disobedience came with consequences, which Biggie revealed during his address to all housemates on Thursday morning. As expected, Saga lost the 200-token reward, and he, alongside Nini, was ordered to tidy the messy garden.

Nini and Saga were ordered to clean the messy garden

It gets worse.

The duo is only allowed to take short restroom breaks while cleaning, and there must be at least one person in the garden at all times until they complete the punishment.

We're afraid this could affect the fan base of Saga, who has been trolled on social media since he exposed Biggie's secret task to Nini. It's even funnier since she isn't as obsessed with him as he is about her.
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