How To Become A Successful & Famous Instagram Influencer

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms with millions of daily active users. Instagram is a photo and video-sharing social networking service whereby users can browse other users' content by searches, tags, and locations. It's more like a simplified version of Facebook, which brings you closer to the people and things you love.

Over time, people around the world have turned Instagram from just being a social media platform, which many people take to be a hubby, to a high-paying platform and have hence taken it as a career. Some believe being an Instagram Influencer is an excellent opportunity to make money online, while others feel like it's an avenue for lazy people to just sit at home. Whichever way anyone thinks about this incredible money-making opportunity, Instagram Influencing doesn't seem to be wiping out of existence in decades to come, as many people take it as a full-time job nowadays.

If you've been thinking of how you can also become a successful Instagram Influencer, then look no further, as you're in the right article. We'll be giving you a complete guideline on how you can get started as an Instagram Influencer too. Read on to get started.

Guidelines on Becoming a Successful & Famous Instagram Influencer.

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Find a Niche You're Passionate About

The first and most crucial step to becoming an Instagram Influencer is finding a niche you adore and are knowledgeable in. You can't just search up random niches and put them all together to start posting. You have to focus on one, as you can't be famous for everything.

Look for a niche that's high-paying, has a massive target audience and makes you happy. Be consistent with it and try as much as possible to avoid annoying spam.

Below are the Top 16 of the Best Instagram Niches making waves in 2021:
1. Health & Fitness
2. Fashion
3. Food & Cooking
4. Beauty
5. Blogging
6. Gaming
7. Crafts & DIY
8. Business (Money making methods)
9. Motivational quotes
10. Interior designs
11. Life coaching
12. Social media marketing
13. Photography
14. Animals
15. Crypto currency
16. Music/Video editing

Get Familiar with Instagram Tools & Analytics

This is a very vital step, as it shows you're really serious about becoming an Influencer. Learning about this might sound boring and exhausting, but it's crucial. It helps to show what posts your followers are interested in, which posts create fewer interests, an overview of your audience, identification of fluctuating followers, and overall, it shows you your followers' demographic information.

Trust us, learning about this is a great start on your Instagram Influencing journey.

Create a Well-crafted Instagram Bio

A compelling bio is one of the crucial steps you need to take, as it is an integral part of your profile. A biography is a short space on your profile and should consist of not more than 150 characters. It's the first thing a visitor sees on your profile.

An attractive and well-crafted bio can really help grab a potential follower of your brand. Make sure to use relevant keywords, include links (if you own a website or blog) and use the right emojis to back up your words to create a clear description of what you're really about.

Take Great Photos

Now that we've got our profile set and we're familiar with the tools and analytics of Instagram, we can now move on to taking great pictures to make our Instagram feed appealing. If you don't know how to take attractive pictures, we suggest you start learning or hire a professional photographer to take glamorous and good-quality images of you.

Use Captions that Represent Your Personality and Creates Engagement

You can't just go online and start posting all of your great pictures without adding captions that speak your brand voice. Compose your captions to be as good as your pictures while remaining consistent.

Always use the Right Hashtags.

Hashtags (#) do work. Yes, that's correct! A lot of people feel like hashtags are unnecessary and are of no relevant use to their posts. But the truth they don't know is that hashtags make your posts more engaging and visible to an audience much more extensive than your followers base. Essentially, hashtags make your posts viewable when a term is being searched for, potentially leading to many views and engagements.

We recommend you start using hashtags for each of your posts. You can also find hashtags other Influencers in your niche are using to get more ideas to enable you to attract engagements outside your followers base.

Post Consistently

Successful Instagram Influencers are known to create new contents daily or once every two days. Posting regularly shows your audience how committed you are to providing them with unique and outstanding content. This can help boost your followers a lot.

Find tools to help you schedule, time and organize your posts, whether it's once a day or 3 times a week. You must also remember that your posts captions must be free of grammatical errors, so we suggest you take your time to plan out your posts and schedule them rightly.

You can utilize your posts with tools such as Sked Social, ProWritingAid, Buffer, Preview, Planoly, or Ripl. These platforms enable you to create and set dates and times for your posts in advance and ensure your content is of high quality. Your posts are automatically posted, so you don't have to worry about remembering you have a post to make.

Network with other Influencers

Once you start getting recognized as an Influencer, you need to learn how to relate with other Influencers and sometimes ask them for more tips on how they became successful. Since there are tons of Influencers on Instagram, we're very confident you'll find the ones you admire and try to connect with them. 

You can reach out to other Influencers by messaging them privately, commenting on their posts and try to vibe to it (by making good remarks about it or sharing it to your Instagram stories, reels or even your feed.

Interact with Your Followers

This is very simple. Since one of Instagram's main objectives is to create a social platform where people from all over the world can relate, I see no reason you shouldn't interact with your followers. 

You can interact with your followers by replying to their questions in the comments, taking time to build your relationship with them, holding giveaways, communicating with them as often as you can, giving shoutouts when necessary, promoting some of them with incredible content with your large followers base, and also thanking them for their support and love.

Doing all the above can really help build your network and consequentially help brands find you for deals.

Reach out to Relevant Brands

Getting a brand deal is a thing every Influencer derives joy from, as it's where the money comes from. Thousands of brands out there want to pay big money to Influencers with a massive followers base to promote their brand by creating content on behalf of their brand.

You can contact relevant brands by:
1. Participating in their campaigns
2. Sending them a DM
3. Contacting them via email
4. Using brand-related hashtags in your posts
5. Talking to brands you know one on one

You should also put in mind that to do great things, you have to go through failure. Failure, in this case, refers to the probability that you might not get a reply from these brands, but you have to be determined and keep trying again until you finally get a positive response.

After you find a brand that's ready to have a collaboration with you, be rest assured that other brands would reach out to you for sponsorships and deals, which in turn means big money 💰.

NOTE: There will be plenty of competitions, as other upcoming Influencers are trying to gain success in this field also, but if you follow our step-by-step guide, you're definitely going to be ahead of other competitions.

One last thing:
1. Follow our guidelines
2. Get started on your journey today
3. Show your work to the world

Congratulations on your way to becoming a successful Instagram Influencer 🤝.
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