How To Write an Irresistible Job Application Letter

How To Write an Irresistible Job Application Letter. Seriously

Writing the perfect and irresistible job application letter can be a daunting task, especially if you have spent a considerable amount of time preparing your resume. A good application letter adds a more personal touch to your curriculum vitae. It provides more details regarding your background and interest in a particular position, unlike your resume, which outlines your experience and professional skills. Wondering how you can craft such a letter? Here are a few tips to help you.

Review Company Information and Job Position


It is recommended to write different application letters for other positions. This way, you can include important details and express your interest in that specific role. It would help if you also spent time reviewing information about the company. You should find that their official website and the position listing. Be sure to compare your experience and qualifications with the posting's list of skills. You can also talk about specific experiences that make you suitable for the role.

Express Your Interest from the Beginning


Mention the specific job title you are applying for in the letter's first paragraph and where you saw the job posting. Express your interest in the company and role so that the reader will know right away that it is not just another generic application letter. Add a short statement of the vital qualification or experience that makes you suitable for the job. The opening section will be the one to capture the interest of the hiring manager, so be sure to appeal to the reader immediately in just a few words.

Outline Your Qualifications and Experience

Be sure to highlight all your qualifications, skills, and experience in the following several paragraphs of the letter and discuss them in such a way aligned with the company's mission and goals. Since job application letters must stand on their own without resumes, it will also help to include past experiences related to the position.

Showcase Your Personality

When writing your application letter for a job, don't forget to include some tidbits about your personality while keeping things professional. An engaging and friendly letter will be more appealing to the reader, especially once they get a good idea of how suitable you will be with the rest of the team.

Express Your Appreciation

Before ending your letter, be sure that you thank the hiring manager for taking the time to review your application letter and consider you for that position. Expressing your gratitude is a professional and polite way of closing the document. 

Close Your Letter

Some people use "Best" or "Sincerely" when closing a letter. However, you can use any professional sign-off. Your full name should be the last line of your letter. If you are submitting the letter in hard copy, add your signature over your typed name. You can put your contact details under your name if you submit it over email instead of just putting this on the header. 

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