My Feelings Towards Queen are Genuine, Whitemoney Professes.

#BBNaija: Whitemoney describes his feelings towards Queen

Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eye housemate, Whitemoney has, in discussion with JayPaul, revealed his feelings towards Queen and described it as nothing but genuine. On Wednesday night, he made the revelation after Queen accused him of disloyalty due to his intimacy with Jackie B. It appears that the female housemate desires something more than friendship from WM, who perceives her merely as a sister in need of his help. Whitemoney claimed that Queen is allowing events and happenings around her to affect her easily. He further suggested that she stop making up ideas in her head regarding him, adding he "has his eyes on entirely different matters".

In his words: “I have told her to stop thinking that I want to be with her in that aspect. I genuinely like her, and I feel the need to help her. I’m not new to this game because I have been studying it, and I know how it works, but it’s not the same for her".

He didn't stop there as he went on: “The other day she was kissing and giving Cross a lap dance, and I didn’t feel bad but Imagine if I was the one who did that, all hell would have been let loose".

In all, Whitemoney made it categorically clear to JayPaul that “She still doesn’t get it, all I have for her in my heart is genuine feelings and nothing more."
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