5 Dangerous Dogs You Should Never Keep As Pets In Nigeria

Dogs are often described as "man's best friend". They are considered the most loving and loyal animals since their attachment to humans centuries back.

However, some certain dog breeds can be very harmful and dangerous to keep. Although, its traits depend on how it was raised and treated by the owner. But trust me, some breeds of dogs are naturally vicious and ferocious, posing threats of possible attacks to owners. Today, we'll be sharing the 5 Most Dangerous Dogs You Should Never Keep As a Pet in Nigeria.

American Pit Bull Terrier

Taking the number one spot on this list is no other than the famous American Pit Bull Terrier, known globally to be the most dangerous and aggressive dog on the planet. This dog breed was used for fights (a form of entertainment game in which owners make a profit whenever their dog wins).

Abuse, neglect, lack of proper training, and irresponsible ownership have made this dog breed the most violent and inherently dangerous dog there is.


One of the hardest and stubborn dogs to train is the Rottweiler. They are kept outside the house in a locked cage due to their vicious nature and stories of how they turned on their owners. Rottweilers are known to be wary and ready to attack whenever a stranger approaches them. 

After the Pit Bull Terrier, Rottweilers have the second-highest number of fatal dog attacks in the world. This large dog has been banned in many countries worldwide due to its brutal nature.

German Shepherd

A single bite from this dog is enough to end a person's life or ultimately damage the bone, with fatal injuries. Renowned for being loyal and protective of its owners, an unsocialized German Shepherd can be vicious around new people. 

Due to their large size and extreme bite strength, they can go to extreme lengths to defend their owner/home/territory from potential intruders. After multiple cases of deaths and, most times, fatal injuries, this dog is illegal to own in top countries of the world.

Doberman Pinscher

Dobermann's intimidating appearance is enough to scare the hell out of you when they're approaching you. It's practically impossible to trespass on a property guarded by a Doberman Pinscher.

I remember when I visited a friend in his house some years back, I forgot to call him to come to join me outside so we could walk in together; instead, I went in on my own, only to find loosened drooling and ready-to-attack Doberman at my back. I peed on myself, thinking that was the end, but thank God, my friend heard the dog's bark and my scream. He came out fast to save me while even hitting his head against the door.
That's to show how dangerous this dog breed can be. Doberman Pinscher dog breeds are only obedient and friendly with their owners. If I wasn't standing still when the dog was behind me, I would have been carried out of the house with an ambulance. Although, extreme physical punishments by the owners can sometimes cause a Doberman Pinscher to retaliate and fight back. 

Reports have it that Dobermans have caused hundreds of fatalities to humans around the world.

American Bulldog

Seeing a bulldog on this list shouldn't come as a surprise to you, as Bulldogs are the world's most popular and dangerous dog breeds. They are as aggressive as a Pit Bull. 

Their great strength, endurance, and speed are characterized by their well-balanced athleticism. They tend to play rough from a young age, and as they mature, they get more vicious. They are regularly involved in fatal dog attacks every year. They are incredibly hostile and destructive when away from their owners.

Note: The aggressive traits in these dogs help serve as excellent guard dogs for farms, businesses, and big organizations. 

The following dogs are among the most dangerous dog breeds in 2021, but they can still be used as pets with the proper training. They are:

1. Siberian Husky
2. Alaskan Malamute
3. Great Dane
4. Wolf Hybrid
5. Boxer
6. Akita
7. Bullmastiff
8. Chow Chow
9. St Bernard
10. Presa Canario
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