Buhari swears by the Quran to leave the Presidential office in 2023

President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari, says he will leave office when his third term tenure ends in 2023. He further backed up his claim, saying he swore to complete his eight-year tenure on May 29, 2023.

"I swore by the Holy Qur'an that I will serve by the constitution and leave when my time is up. No "Tazarce" (tenure extension)," Buhari said. "I don't want anybody to start talking about and campaigning for an unconstitutional extension. I will not accept that." 

Buhari made this remark while speaking at a meeting in Makkah with a select group of Nigerians residing in Saudi Arabia, where he just ended a visit.

He added, "After the third so-called defeat, I said, 'God Dey'. My opponents laughed at me, but God answered my prayers by bringing in technology. At that point, nobody can steal their votes or buy them." 

On completing his Friday prayers in Makkah at the renowned Grand Mosque, the President promised to keep abiding by the constitution of Nigeria in all its ramifications, and he will make sure his ministers are supervised and dealt with on the same basis.

He also assured Nigerians of his plans to improve the country's situation and with his 18 months tenure left, he will better the life of Nigerians.

Buhari also commended diaspora Nigerians in Saudi Arabia for representing their country well and projecting its good image.
Alade Habeeb

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