Top 10 Cryptocurrency Exchanges In Nigeria 2022

Top 10 Cryptocurrency Exchanges In Nigeria 2022

Hello there. Welcome to HotNaija. Today we're going to be looking at the top 10 cryptocurrency exchanges to buy and sell any crypto (BTC, ETH, LTC, USDT, etc.) of your choice in Nigeria for the year 2021. 

The list of top exchanges in Nigeria changes every year, with some being added and some dropping out. The criteria used in putting down this list include the exchange's reputation, the form of service they provide, the quality of their service, and how many Nigerians are using these exchanges. It's worth mentioning that these platforms let you trade digital assets like Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Kishu Inu, Shiba Inu, Safemoon, Saitama Inu, etc in Nigeria.

This article answers questions like:

  • What is the best bitcoin wallet in Nigeria 2022?
  • What is the best p2p crypto exchange in Nigeria?
  • What is the best app to sell bitcoin in Nigeria?
  • Which bitcoin wallet is the best in Nigeria?

Without any further ado, let's get started on the Top 10 Cryptocurrency Exchanges In Nigeria 2022.


Blockvila is a Nigerian exchange that has been around since 2016. It was formerly an OTC (Over The Counter) exchange with the name "NG XCHANGE" before rebranding to "BLOCKVILA" and upgraded to a P2P exchange. This way, customers not only from Nigeria can access their unique customer service.

Blockvila has over 80,000 users and has processed over $50 million worth of transactions since its inception.


If you watched the popular Big Brother Naija reality TV show – (S6) 'Shine Ya Eye' edition, there's no doubt you saw multiple adverts of the platform, as they're the second major sponsor of the TV show. 

Patricia started in Nigeria as a gift card exchange company before switching to cryptocurrency trading. Launched in 2018, Patricia now controls branches across the USA, UK, and Ghana. On Patricia, you can make a safe and secure exchange of Bitcoin and other crypto-assets. Transactions on Patricia are speedy and reliable. Patricia boasts of over 300,000 users.


Missing out Binance on this list would be a no-brainer. It is the largest crypto exchange platform in the world, as well as in Nigeria. Literally, every Nigerian crypto trader has a Binance account. Binance has over 15 million users worldwide, and over 13 billion dollars worth of cryptocurrencies are traded on Binance every day.

Binance supports about 400 cryptocurrencies and over a thousand trading pairs. The Binance P2P was launched in 2020 and has overtaken existing major P2P exchanges like PAXFUL and REMITANO in the P2P market. On Binance, you'll find numerous features and services such as; P2P, SPOT trading, MARGIN, FUTURES, BINANCE EARN, STAKING, LIQUIDITY MINING, etc., just to mention a few. Binance also has its own SMART CHAIN with over a thousand "Dapps" running on it.

(4). CRYPTO.COM has three platforms; an exchange to cater to your trading needs, a DeFi wallet to perform DeFi activities – such as lending and borrowing, and an app that lets you buy, sell and earn cryptos. is just four years in business but can boast of over 10 million users.


Buycoins is another crypto exchange based in Lagos State, Nigeria, and has been around since 2017. It is the first exchange to support the NGN crypto token in the country. Even during the crypto ban by the Federal government of Nigeria, many could easily fund and withdraw naira from Buycoins using a service called TRANSFER.AFRICA. This takes away the risk associated with P2P exchange. Currently, you can buy and sell 11 cryptos on Buycoins and lock your coins while earning 12% interest per annum.


Paxful is another robust P2P exchange that has been around since 2015. Its primary selling point is that it allows people to buy and sell Bitcoin and USDT using over 350 payment methods. Any payment method you can conceive at all is available on Paxful. It has over 6 million users worldwide, with the number of Nigerian users leading in Africa. Paxful is a reputation crypto exchange platform, but you have to be extremely cautious of scammers when trading on Paxful.


Founded in 2018, Quidax was the first Nigerian exchange to have a standard trade room. They also launched a P2P platform in 2021 after the Nigerian crypto ban. On Quidax, you can easily convert your naira or crypto or vice versa and trade other crypto pairs. Quidax has also recently launched the Quidax vault, where you can stake the QSD token to earn more cryptos for free. Quidax has about 400,000 users from over 70 countries.

(8). OKEx

OKEx was launched in 2014. It has over 20 million active users turning over $3.5 billion in trading volume every single day. The services offered on OKEx are pretty similar to those on BINANCE. This includes SPOT trading, MARGIN trading, FUTURES, Perpetual Swap, OPTIONS, STAKING, etc. OKEx also has its decentralized network called – OKChain, where developers can build decentralized applications.


KuCoin is another exchange that has won the heart of many Nigerians and even those living in the diaspora because it lists several bullish coins. The features and services on BINANCE and KUCOIN are pretty similar, so if you've been using one of them before, you'll have absolutely no problem using the other.

KuCoin also has a unique trading bot any user can set up to help in trading for you. KuCoin has been in existence for four years now, and they have over 5 million active users with a daily trading volume of about $2 billion.

(10). LUNO

Every Nigerian experienced in cryptocurrency trading loves this platform. It's easy to use, and many believe it's the most user-friendly platform there is. According to LUNO's CEO, they won't be launching any P2P platform (the main reason why It's the last on this list). According to the CEO's statement, they don't want to expose their valued customers to the risk associated with P2P, which is why there isn't a Peer-to-peer feature on this prestigious platform. Hopefully, when they launch that P2P feature, they'll make it to the top of this list in 2022.

So there you have it, the Top 10 Cryptocurrency Exchanges In Nigeria 2022. Thanks for reading!

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