Is Emmanuella Pregnant For Ned Nwoko? Facts Revealed

In today’s era of fake news and misinformation, it is not surprising to find clickbait titles on one’s social media timelines. One of these not-so-surprising titles which have unfortunately been trending on social media is the claim that Emmanuella is pregnant. So, is this true? Well, let’s find out. Emmanuella was born on July 22nd, 2010 in Port Harcourt, Rivers state where she resides with her parents. She was just a regular kid like her peers until her encounter with Mark Angel who, in 2015, introduced her to the comedy business. Since her debut in the entertainment industry, Emmanuella has consistently risen through the ranks to become the most popular child comedian in Africa. At 11 years of age, she has performed at several events in Africa, Australia, and her name has become a traffic-generating one for bloggers. In fact, she was recently featured in an Australian movie titled "Survive or Die", starring alongside major casts like Hawa Barnes, Felino Dolloso, and Craig Bourke. Furthermore, she beat the Ikorodu Bois group by a landslide to win the "Favourite African Social Media Star" award at the 2021 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards. By now, you should realize that it is impossible for Emmanuella to be pregnant as she is still very young. In summary, the truth is that Emmanuella is not pregnant for Mark Angel. Neither is she pregnant for Ned Nwoko or willing to marry him. So, if you come across one of these clickbait titles, don’t waste your time clicking on them.

Segun Alabi

Segun Alabi is a news reporter at HotNaija. He covers a wide range of topics including news and celebrity showbiz

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