Meet Grand P: Dwarf Billionaire Who Married A Woman Ten Times His Size

Suppose you don't understand why they say love is blind. In that case, the relationship between this Guinean musician, Grand P, and his plus-sized girlfriend is an excellent explainer for that. Grand P, born with a genetic disorder called progeria, got tongues wagging when he announced his relationship with a much bigger woman named Eudoxie Yao. While online trolls have continuously rejected the unusual relationship between the diminutive singer and his well-endowed significant other, the duo doesn't seem to care about what people think. Dubbed the "African Kim Kardashian," Eudoxie Yao is originally from Ivory Coast, and she claims to have the largest behind in Africa. 

Photos shared online in previous years show her in the company of much shorter men, with fans noting that she seems to have a preference for more miniature lovers. In the face of criticism, the plus-sized model defended her affair with Grand P on Instagram, saying, "size does not matter" and that her happiness is the most important thing. Well, that excuse still didn't fly with her followers, as many of them contend that her affair with the dwarf man is only a marketing stunt and an attempt to milk him dry. Grand P, whose real name is Moussa Sandiana Kaba, was born in 1990. Not a lot is known about his early years, as he rarely talks about himself with the media. He has been long mocked and teased because of his appearance. Regardless of his condition, the musician lives life to the fullest. 

The most exciting part about Grand P's life is his amazingly decorated career; today, he is a renowned actor, singer, and politician. In 2020, he announced his bid to run for the Presidency -- the most revered political seat -- in his home country, Guinea. Grand P became popular during a show organized by one of his great idols Kerfalla Kante at the People's Palace in Conakry. Since then, he has become more popular, often getting invited to numerous concerts and receiving plenty of appearance offers. He represented and supported the Guinean delegation in Cairo for the Africa Cup of Nations. Considering his successful music career and his interest in other ventures, Grand P is stinkingly rich. He doesn't shy away from flaunting his immense wealth online, proving that if one puts in the desired effort, they can overcome whatever hurdles they experience. Although there isn't any official measure of how much he has in the public domain, his net worth is estimated to be in millions of dollars. Over the years, Grand P has earned tremendous popularity beyond the borders of Guinea, and there is no doubt that his wealth is growing enormously. He intended to marry Eudoxie in January 2021; however, allegations of infidelity made against him by his lover crippled his plans. 
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