'My body is male, but my soul and spirit are female' - James Brown

Controversial Nigerian cross-dresser James Brown believes that he's an embodiment of two genders.

James Brown, who calls himself the Princess of Africa, claimed that his recent recovery from an illness made him understand a part of his life. According to the crossdresser, he discovered that he encompasses the male and female genders. 

Like transgender people who believe their souls are not compatible with their physical 'vessels', Brown says his body is male, but his soul and spirit are female.

The 22-year-old rose to the spotlight in 2018 after being arrested alongside 57 alleged homosexuals at a Lagos hotel. 

He was nicknamed "They didn't caught me" after his interview went viral on social media platforms. This incident made him immense popularity.

He has since featured in some Nollywood movies and has even released a single titled 'Hey Durlings' earlier this year.

Meanwhile, Bobrisky has confessed his affections for Wizkid in an Instagram post. He claimed that he has been a fan of Wizkid since he was 16 and has fallen for the 'Essence' singer ever since. 

The crossdresser hopes that he will one day have the opportunity to converse with the Afropop sensation.

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