My late mother appears in my dreams since Obi Cubana buried his mum - Victor Osuagwu

Nollywood actor Victor Osuagwu has lamented that he's being haunted by his mother's ghost in his dreams ever since the burial of Obi Cubana's mother.

The actor in an Instagram video said his late mother has been demanding him to rebury her remains. 

The problem for the actor seems to be the money required to organize a funeral that's on par with Obi Cubana's mother.

"What kind of trouble is this? Ever since Obi Cubana buried his mother, my dreams have been haunted by my mother. The moment I close my eyes, my mother will appear. She keeps shouting that I should organize a reburial for her," the actor said.

"Where would I see money to organize a reburial?"

He further gave the reasons for his incapability to fulfil his mother's wish. He complained that he doesn't own any investment that would enable him to conduct such a grand funeral.

"Am I Obi Cubana? Do I have Cubana Hotel? Do I have Cubana Land and Properties?"

Osuagwu concluded that he's been utilizing the same will his mother gave him, which is the privilege to live. 

This may not come as a surprise as even Obi Cubana reportedly said people will wish to organize funerals after witnessing his mother's burial ceremony.

The burial of Obi Cubana's mother, held in Oba, Anambra, has been a trending topic on almost all Nigerian social media platforms as a surreal display of wealth was witnessed.

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