Obi Cubana: None of my boys is into money rituals

The Chairman of Cubana Group, Obi Iyiegbu, aka Obi Cubana, has made it clear that he and his boys are not into money rituals as speculated by many.

The controversial burial of his mother has captured everyone's attention, obviously because of the shocking display of wealth witnessed.

This has, in turn, drawn negative criticism, with part of the critics speculating that he must have made his money via rituals or dubious means. 

Deji Adeyanju, for example, compared the socialite to the imprisoned internet fraudster, Hushpuppi.

That may not be true as the Cubana chairman has stressed that his ideal method for making money is clean.  

"None of my boys is into rituals. If you're my boy or man, it means you're hard-working, and you've made your money through clean ways."

Iyiegbu further boasted on how he has changed the lives of Oba youths. He mentioned how he pushed 53 Oba youths into learning a trade and how he "provided them with 3 million Naira each as capital."

38 out of the 53 uneducated Oba boys, according to Cubana, are now billionaires.

He added that those he helped in the past do not hesitate to come to his aid whenever he needs assistance. 

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