Regina Daniels shows off her 'billionaire' bone straight hair

Nollywood actress, Regina Nwoko, showed off her new looks as she flaunted her new hairstyle, which she tagged "Billionaire bone straight" hair.


The Billionaire wife took to her Instagram page to show off her newly acquired bone straight hair, which drove her fans crazy. Although, the post seemed to be a promotional one as she ended up tagging the hair vendor.
What’s bone straight hair?

The bone straight hair is a newly trending hair that remains straight all the time. It never gets squeezed or rough, but that comes with a disadvantage as you can never style it. Not only is it expensive, but every classy lady out seems to be rocking one. It’s simply the new craze.

Types of bone straight hair

Just like every other hair out there, the bone straight hair has its types. Each of them is unique in its way.

  • Super Double Drawn: This type of bone straight hair contains approximately 90% of hair strands, and it’s the thickest and most expensive among them all.
  • Double Drawn: This category of bone straight hair is less thick and less expensive than the aforementioned.
  • Single Drawn: This type appears thick at the top but thin at the end. It’s the least expensive of the three.

Regina is not the only celebrity who has rocked the hair. Celebrities like Teni and many others have been seen flaunting theirs.

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