NYSC should be two years, one year not enough, Nigerian governor says

Governor of Taraba State, Darius Ishaku, thinks the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) should be a two-year program, one for military service and the other for social works.

During an interview with Channels Television, Ishaku implied the state of insecurity in the country calls for equipping the citizens with the necessary skills for defence. The politician suggested that adjusting the NYSC program would be the best way to achieve so. Extending the program, according to Ishaku, will enable the citizens to have the needed skills for self-defence while providing them with a means to integrate into Nigerian society.

“The NYSC, I will say, should be two years. One year for compulsory military training and the other year for the social work they are doing now so that anybody who graduates as an NYSC person can know how to handle the gun and defend himself”, he said.

Ishaku encouraged Nigerians to emulate countries like Israel, Lebanon, and other countries with the same post-tertiary program because it will "tremendously improve the nation’s security".

According to the governor, training the youths in border towns and villages will also help solve the country's security situation.

“I will still request the federal government that those who are at the border regions and those villages that are hard to reach, they must teach them how to use guns to protect themselves,” he advised.

To him, the villagers of border towns shouldn’t be left at the mercy of criminals who move around with AK-47, and that they should be taught how to defend themselves when the need arises. 

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