Shatta Wale's girlfriend blasts his mother over false allegations

The drama between the girlfriend of Ghanaian singer Shatta Wale and his mother is not ending anytime soon.

Recently, Shatta Wale's mother, Elsie Evelyn Avemegah, alleged that it's been 3 years since she last saw her son.

The reason, according to her, was because Shatta Wale's girlfriend, Magdalene Luv, told her son to cut ties with her because she's a witch. Ever since then, the singer has not sent money to her or seen her face.

Furthermore, Avegemah accused Magdalene of going out of her way to cut ties between Shatta Wale and his baby mama, Shatta Michy. Thereby relegating both women to the backseat.

However, the latter has come out to debunk those claims as untrue. Shatta's woman claimed in a Facebook post that Mrs Avemegah was accusing her "out of frustration". She accused the singer's mother of fabricating lies to destroy her reputation.

She went on to rant about how she paid the rent of the singer's mother. Despite her generous act, Magdalene said, Mrs Avemegah has sold her out because of 'little change', as seen in the screenshot below.

The drama between the duo has paid no respect to their privacy. In fact, each of them has leaked private issues to drive their points home. As of now, the singer has remained silent on the subject.
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