Yul Edochie's Wife To Divorce Him For Taking A Second Wife

Yul Edochie's marriage may be heading for the rocks after the actor unveiled the face of his second wife. According to several reports, his once-coveted marriage started going through turbulence after his first wife, May Edochie, realized that her husband had decided to pick a second wife. Yul tried his best to keep the issue private. However, after discovering that his wife had decided to go public, he announced the birth of his baby on Instagram. In the wake of his revelation and the outrage that followed it, Yul Edochie posted a video of himself and May dancing. However, that did not fly in the face of his fans, who quickly pointed out that it was an old video. It is worth noting that Yul and May have been married for 17 years, so the news of the actor's decision to become polygamous came as a shock to his colleagues and followers. 

Despite colonialism, the cultural nature of polygamy still exists in the heart of some Nigerians. One of Nigeria's major religions, Islam, prescribes up to four wives for men, and traditionally, they are allowed to have as many wives as they desire. In fact, Yul's father, Pete Edochie, once advised women not to nag at their husbands when they cheat but to provide them with condoms. So Yul Edochie probably never saw any wrong in getting a second wife. Instead of worrying about the backlash he has been receiving, the actor has been more focused on promoting his political ambition to become the next president of Nigeria. In a recent interview, he stated that he believes his marriage challenges are only preparing him for Aso Rock. While he appears satisfied with having two wives, bigamy is a crime under Nigerian law. If he chooses to marry his new wife under customary law, the marriage would be void due to his existing marriage under statutory law. To make matters worse, Yul's elder brother revealed via an Instagram post that none of his family members are in support of his sibling's decision to marry a second woman. But the worst may have yet to come as sources within the actor's family have disclosed that his marriage woes have gone from bad to worse and that his first wife may consider a divorce. 

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