7 Dangerous Signs You MUST NOT Date Him or Her

If you end up dating them after noticing any of these signs, then you need serious deliverance.

7 Dangerous Signs You MUST NOT Date Him or Her

The moment you decide to date someone, you are also letting that person into your life. You will also spend a lot of time doing things together. And even if you might not end up spending the rest of your life together, those days, weeks, months, or years you spend with them will still mean a lot. That's why you have to make sure that it will be worth the ride right from the start. After all, dating the wrong person will not only be a waste of time because it can also affect your life, or worse, mess it up.

Here are some warning signs that you should never date someone:

They Don't Protect You at All

For ladies, avoid dating a man who doesn't offer you any protection, no matter how small or big it is. If he never makes you feel safe or he never sees your vulnerabilities, it is time to look somewhere else.

They Never Like It If You Ask About Their Job or Weekend Activities

While there is nothing wrong with doing some things without you, something is amiss if they refuse to tell you what they did when you weren't together or worse, they get weird every time you ask.

They Get Angry If You Refuse to Have Sex

Now, this is one terrible warning sign that the person only considers you as a sex object, no more, no less. Yes, sex is among the most critical aspects for a relationship to be successful. But, if sex is the only thing that motivates them, what you have here is a superficial and purely physical relationship that lacks depth and will only hurt you in the end.

They Get Weird When You Ask to Check Their Phone

It is yet another serious warning sign that the other person is hiding something from you and that trusting them might be impossible. Of course, you need to respect each other's privacy but keeping their phone entirely off-limits to you sounds very distrusting.

They Never Want to Spend Time with Your Family and Friends

If the person doesn't respect your family and friends and even bashes them on end, it only shows that they don't respect you, too. It not only shows that you two are incompatible, but it may also indicate their true nature. Such negativity should never have any space in your life.

They Have Double Standards in the Relationship 

One perfect example is that they love going out for drinks with their circle of friends but never allow you to do just the same. Whatever reason they may have, this is not okay.

They Think They're Better Than You

You will know it is high time to put an end to everything if they never listen to what you have to say and only do all the talking. If your partner thinks of themselves highly and considers themselves better than anyone, you should get out of the relationship sooner than later. 

John Paul

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