Tricks to Pass Your Exam WITHOUT Reading Anything

Secret Tricks to Pass Your Exam WITHOUT Reading Anything

Many students always say that they will do better on their next exam than the ones they took in the past. They always promise themselves that this time, they will pass it. Unfortunately, passing an exam isn’t as easy as it sounds. However, it doesn’t mean that you need to beat yourself up just so you can have a passing score, though. Discover some of the best-kept secrets on how to pass your exam with little effort.

Prepare All Requirements and Get Rid of Distractions 

Seriously, ensure that you have everything ready, such as your notes, paper, textbooks, and water bottle. Put your phone somewhere out of reach and practice answering on paper.

Feed Your Tummy to Feed Your Brain

Your brain also needs food to stay healthy, so make sure you eat something that will keep you full, especially if you need to pull an all-nighter. Be sure to stay well-hydrated as you do so. While it can be tempting to drown yourself in cups of coffee, this will make you feel jittery, so it is best to stay away from that caffeine dose. Avoid the bed because it will only activate your sleep mode. 

Say No to Panic

Not panicking about how you will perform on an exam is possibly the number one thing you need to remember all the time. Never panic or get too worked up because it will only stop you from getting things done, not to mention that doing so will keep your mind filled with unnecessary thoughts.

Come Up with a Plan 

If the exam is just around the corner and there is no way to finish studying everything, pick some critical topics you will cover and prepare a list. While you might not complete everything, it will still be better to master a few topics instead of not learning anything at all.

Know Your Priorities and Start Working

Push yourself actually to study. Even if things seem a bit hard, you need to keep going. Don’t stress out if you find yourself stuck. Skip it first, then just come back to it later on if there is still time.

Sleep to Stay Alert

Sleep is one of the ultimate ways so you can do better on your exam. Rest allows your brain to process all those things you stuffed into it. Take a cool and refreshing shower, breathe in some fresh air, and enjoy a hearty breakfast. Not eating your breakfast on exam day is a big no-no.

Don’t Be Tensed


Never let tension consume you on the day of the exam. Go through each question carefully and answer first the ones you are sure about and proceed to the rest later. Watch the time and avoid spending more minutes than necessary on just one section. And, one more thing: Make sure you get rid of some of your last-minute jitters. Passing an exam shouldn’t be difficult as long as you remember these helpful tips.

Segun Alabi

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