Why You Should Keep Your Goals And Saving Plans Secret

The pressure pot is often used to cook foods that would typically take a long time to get cooked in the kitchen. The airtight compartment is built inside the pot, as the steam is not allowed to escape, and the high pressure generated makes the food cook in no time. If you open the lid often, the steam is let off, and the purpose of the pressure device is defeated. It now takes a longtimer for the food to get cooked.

In the same vein, you will certainly need to keep your goals a secret, just as you do your savings program. When you set goals, begin a saving program, or commence charity plans, you need to close the lid (your lips). Your goals will always seek manifestation in physical realms. You need to keep your plans secret. As you brag about your great dreams, you let the pressure out, and they get the sought manifestation in verbal expression. It now either takes a long time for physical expression to evolve, or sometimes, when you brag loud enough and long enough, the image you create in the mind of your listeners is all you get. They either praise you for being so brilliant or chide you for being so foolish as to think that you can rise beyond the ranks of mediocre.

Napoleon Hill said: "Don't tell me what you want to do, show me", while Arnold Glasow advised, "the world expects results. Don't tell them about the labour pains. Show them the baby". Keep your goals, your savings plan, as well as your charitable acts as secret as possible. I once read that "it is the wise head that makes the still tongue". All great things are fashioned in silence. Silence lends power. A German proverb says that "who grows makes no noise".

The only few exceptions to this general rule are those who encourage you to go for your goals, who are involved in your savings plans, especially your spouse. If they must know, then you can't help it.

Telling people about how much you're worth, bragging about your savings plans, is more like opening the lid of the pressure pot, which reduces the intensity of the pressure. It takes the finish line further away. It diminishes your passion and weakens your determination.

You also attract an army of beggars and borrowers more readily. You surround yourself with flatterers who praise you so they can get a portion of your savings. If you decline their requests, they serve you a piece of guilt that gets you miserable. In case you didn't know, guilt poisons the soul.

Be wise and confidential with your savings plans and goals.
Alade Habeeb

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