Why So Many Nigerian Youths Engage In Fraud (Yahoo Yahoo)

Why So Many Nigerian Youths Engage In Fraud

The rate at which internet fraud, popularly called "Yahoo Yahoo", is increasing in Nigeria is worrying, and it could lead to something very disastrous in the future. Millions of Nigerian youths believe that the only way they can fend for themselves is through scamming foreigners of their hard-earned money.

Honestly, I find it so pathetic and heartbreaking that the so-called "Yahoo boys" or "G-boys", as they regard themselves nowadays, do not spend the money their 'clients' paid them on something that would end their days of suffering. Instead, they rather choose to squander all the money on designer wears, expensive iPhones, and all other useless accessories, all in the name of flexing and proving to their friends that they often cash out and rock costly clothes.

Trust me, the blockheads involved in these wrongdoings never run out of ideas on how to scam unsuspecting clients. They even go as far as buying some so-called "PDF Scamming Formats" from dealers just so they can stay updated on new ways their "Maga" can pay faster.

Fraud in Nigeria has gone far more than just scamming wealthy foreigners through dating and hook-up sites. 'Yahoo boys', as they are infamously called, have added multiple scamming ideas up their sleeves so that potential clients wouldn't dare know what they're actually in for.

Millions of Nigerians now see this evil act as a get-rich-quick scheme, all in the name of wanting to belong to the "happening boys" in town. After a thorough search on why this evil act is still being perpetrated, despite several warnings from the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), I have compiled a list of reasons why lazy Nigerian youths now take "yahoo yahoo" as a full-time job.

(1). Peer Pressure

The level and manner of influence that friends and families can have on an individual, especially the young and timid ones, is massive. Good eggs in society are often influenced by their age mates and younger peers' lavish lifestyles. In addition, they get swayed by their friends involved in fraud because they want to fit in, be like their peers they admire, do what their peers are doing, and have what their friends have.

Their friends even go as far as feeding them with the idea that 'yahoo yahoo' is the only sure way to get rich in life at a young age. They convince them that millions of people use it to fend for themselves, and they're able to afford any expensive thing they desire. Before long, the good one joins in the cruel act.

Funny enough, 'yahoo yahoo' isn't that easy as they make it seem, as only smart and intelligent ones with cunny ways can scam potential clients. After successfully ripping people off their hard-earned money, these fraudsters purchase flashy things to flaunt to their mates, making it seem like it's really a get rich quick scheme.

(2). Avarice/Greed

Avarice is a more traditional form of greed. It is the excessive or insatiable desire to accumulate wealth nonstop. It's an old-fashioned fancy word for greed, denoting the inordinate miserly desire to gain and hold wealth. Youths of today always want more than they're supposed to have and don't realize they're greedy because they also want to 'ball and flex' like their yahoo friends. A popular saying goes thus, "For every possible kind of evil can be motivated by the love of money". This means that greed can lead to engaging in all forms of evil acts. It has often been referred to as "money is the root of all evil".

(3). Financial Stress/Depression

A shortage of money can lead to a massive increase in depression and money anxiety. Financial stress/depression damages youths' self-esteem, make them feel flawed and fill them with a sense of despair. Financial stress causes intrusive thoughts, disordered feelings and eventually creates the mindset that to settle their bills and stabilize their mental and emotional stress, scamming is the only way out.

(4). Impatience

Youths nowadays are intolerant of anything that impedes or delays. They lack patience and are always restless with the desire for change and excitement. Impatience causes kids to partake in all sorts of wrongdoings when they see their peers showing off now and then. They're eager to amass wealth, even when they would be questioned on how they got their rich all of a sudden.

(5). Poor Family Background

Youths involved in 'yahoo yahoo' do this because they came from a poor background and were nowhere near financially stable. Also, because 40% or about 83 million Nigerians live in abject poverty, they believe the only way to get themselves and their families out of poverty is through fraudulent activities.

Children who grew up in poverty-stricken families -- that lack proper housing, clean water, appropriate medical attention, and healthy food -- indulge in whatever means possible to make sure they don't end like them. This instils in the growing youths that illegal activities are the only way of becoming successful.

(6). Unemployment

The level of joblessness in the country has aggravated to the extent whereby youths have entirely lost hope in ever gaining employment in the country and are left with no alternative but to go illegal, pathetic!

Currently, 33.3% or 23.2 million of about 70 million Nigerian youths are jobless. When they see their mates driving flashy cars and living flamboyantly, they're forced to have a rethink, reshape their strategy and join the evil trend.

Youths who had big dreams and aspirations of becoming resourceful and prominent personalities in their country engage in cybercrime.

All said. But I still see no cogent reason why all the above should justify engaging in cybercrime. There are hundreds of legit online businesses available at your disposal and can bring you a steady income every week or month. If you're a G-boy reading this, I strongly advise you to change for the better, as the rapid growth of cybercrime in Nigeria is becoming clear to be a curse.

You should gain little by little with hard work rather than gain quick money, which can easily disappear quickly. Take a look at the so-called "Yahoo king" of Nigeria – Ray Hushpuppi -- who was apprehended by the Dubai Police department in 2020. This is enough reason to divert you from your evil deeds as a fraudster. All those who do wrong eventually get caught, and all their properties are subsequently seized.

Always remember:

  • Food gained by fraud is sweet to a man, but his mouth is full of gravel afterwards.
  • Treasures gained dishonestly profit no one.
  • It is better to have little, with godliness, than to be rich and dishonest.
Alade Habeeb

I am a writer with a sense of creativity to write on multiple topics. I create engaging, thrilling and entertaining contents and I always take the time to edit my work well before publishing. I follow all the latest trends and read about recent happenings in the entertainment industry to always update my readers.

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