Osita Iheme (Pawpaw) Biography, Net worth, Awards, Success Story and Expensive Lifestyle in 2022

Osita Iheme (Pawpaw) Biography, Net worth, Awards, Success Story and Expensive Lifestyle in 2022

If you haven't heard of his real name or nickname (Pawpaw), you've certainly come across one of his thousands of memes out there. Osita Iheme is one of the most talented, creative, prolific and well-loved actors in the whole of Africa and not just in Nigeria. Today, we're going to be unraveling so much about the actor you probably didn't know

★ Profile
• Full name – Osita Iheme (MFR)
• Birth date – 2Oth February, 1982
• Birth place – Mbaitoli, Imo State, Nigeria
• Age – 39 years old
• Nationality – Nigerian
• Marital status – Not married
• Children – None
• Occupation – Actor, Film Producer, Businessman
• Instagram followers – 997k
• Net worth – $1.5 million

★ Early life, Background & Education
Osita Iheme hails from Mbaitoli, Imo State, Nigeria. He grew up in Abia State and acquired an MBA degree from the Institute of Management Technology (IMT), Enugu State. With initial plans on becoming a lawyer after the completion of his studies at IMT, he opted to pursue a career in film acting in 1998 and began by featuring in small roles.

★ Career
In the early stages of Osita Iheme's career, he was often typecast in the role of a child. He rose to fame in 2003 when he starred together with Chinedu Ikedieze in the comedy film “Aki na Ukwa”, where he played the role of Pawpaw (which he's still widely regarded as till date). Osita Iheme played the role of a mischievous child in the film. Since then, he has been featured in so many child roles in many of his films but later has adopted more mature roles. Following his massive fame in the Nollywood industry, the duo (Aki & Pawpaw) have been considered to be the funniest Nollywood comedian pairings of all time.

Osita Iheme is also the ambassador for “Rotary International District 9110” and the author of the book “INSPIRED 101”.  The actor has starred in over 150 movies, thus becoming one of the most popular and well-loved faces in Nollywood. Just like his favourite on-screen partner – Chinedu Ikedieze (Aki), Osita has a small physique. His stature gave him the advantage of being different from other actors in the Nigerian movie industry.
He has evolved in his career from a comedic actor to a multifaceted established actor. This alone has gained him respect throughout the Nigerian movie industry and with his fans alike. In 2018, Osita disclosed his plans on becoming a politician in the nearest future. It's 2021 already and we've not heard of any news of the movie star running for an electoral post. But whichever way it goes, I'm sure he's got the votes of many already.

★ National Honour
To reward his contribution towards comedy genre movies in the then struggling Nigerian Film Industry (Nollywood), in 2011 Osita was awarded the Nigerian National Honour of “Member of the Order of the Federal Republic” (MFR) by former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.

★ Most Popular Movies
• Baby Police 1&2 (2004)
• Jadon (2006)
• John and Johnny Just Come (2003)
• Green Snake (2003)
• 2 Rats (2003)
• Aki na ukwa (2003)
• I'm in Love (2003)
• Baby Police (2003)
• Back from America 1&2 (2003)
• Charge & Bail (2003)
• Tom and Jerry (2003)
• Brain Box (2006)
• Remote Control (2006)
• Tell Them (2003)
• Oke Belgium (2003)
• Good Mother (2003)
• Informant (2003)
• Nicodemus (2003)
• Nwa Teacher (2003)
• Twin Brothers (2003)
• Aka Gum (2002)
• Okwu na uka (2002)
• My Business (2005)
• Reggae Boys (2005)
• Secret Adventure (2005)
• Spoiler (2005)
• Village Boys (2005)
• American Husband (2004)
• Big Daddies (2004)
• Columbia Connection (2004)
• Daddy Must Obey (2004),
• Mr. Ibu (2004)

★ Influence
Osita Iheme's performance alongside fellow child-like actor – Chinedu Ikedieze in the 2002 film “Aki na Ukwa” is still widely spoken about and the duo, especially Osita's character, has been trending on various social media platforms especially Twitter through memes since 2018. This followed a massive recognition by many all over the world and has earned him a large global fanbase all over the world. Countries like India, USA, Canada, Ghana and many others have declared their love to the actor.

★ Major Awards
Just like good performances deserves awards and recognitions, Osita Iheme who's an example, has so far secured so many awards and nominations to his name since his professional debut in the film industry. Some of his numerous prominent awards includes:
• Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) – “Best Actor in a Leading Role” (2006)
• Africa Movie Academy Awards – “Lifetime Achievement Award” (2007)
• Africa Movie Academy Awards – “Best Actor in a Supporting Role” (2011)
• African Magic Viewers' Choice Awards – “Best Actor in Nigeria” (2014)

★ Net worth
Thanks to his various brand ambassadorial deals, sponsorships, career earnings, business endeavours and many more, Osita Iheme is estimated to be worth about $3.5 million as of 2021.

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