Meet Wizkid's secret wife Jada Pollock


Wizkid is known for keeping mum when it comes to his relationships, but have you ever wondered who he is really dating? 

This may not be a well-known fact, but Wizkid has a solid relationship with his manager, Jada Pollock. With the "Made in Lagos" crooner frequently taking her along on his trips and even posting her pictures on his Instagram page, it has become more evident that they are a dynamic duo.

Best known as Jada P, Jada is an entrepreneur and a music manager. She is very popular for her work with Wizkid, whom she has helped connect with several big-name artists, like Drake. Before venturing into the music business, Jada worked as a stylist for Gucci. Born on October 20 1983, in the United States, the celebrity manager attended St. Saviour's school in New York. When her family moved to London, she proceeded to St. Olave's School for her secondary education. She is also a proud alumna of the University of Westminster in London, England.

Apart from being his manager, Jada doubles as the third woman to have a child for Wizkid. Their paths crossed for the first time in Lagos while Wizkid was on tour with American musician Chris Brown in 2012. Jada may be known as Jada Pollock these days, but she is also referred to as Jada Styles. She's the head of a consulting business firm which she shared with African football star Didier Drogba. She is responsible for the branding of many affluent and prominent football players for the U.K. The Daily Star and West London Living once referred to her as a highly acclaimed image guru. Jada shifted to gears to music management when she joined Bu Vision, LLC – a management firm representing/managing some of the big names in the international music scene, such as Chris Brown & Pia Mia. For Wizkid, she took charge of his branding and image, ensuring that he stayed out of drama and social media controversies. Jada also ran his organized social media publicity and contributed to his increasing international media features. Being a former Gucci employee, she commanded his fashion and style as he navigated his global campaign with Sony. Jada describes herself as a self-made woman. Some of her expensive cars include a Maserati and a Mercedes Benz G-Wagon.

Several inside sources revealed that Wizkid and Jada have been in an amorous relationship since they started working together. Their love got so intense that Jada got pregnant around Valentine's day in 2017. Even though he wasn't really keen on the relationship at the time, he had to accept the baby after she forced his hand by posting a photo of the child on Snapchat. Fast forward to November 2017, Jada birthed a baby boy named "Zion" for Wizkid. Be that as it may, a recap of Wizkid and his baby mamas wouldn't be out of place; the famous Starboy has had three sons from three different ladies, the first being Shola Ogudu. In 2011, when she was 19, Shola gave birth to a baby boy named Boluwatife. However, things were not that smooth at that point; Wizkid refused to accept the child, leading to a family tussle. It was only after a paternity test that he gave the child his last name and began to participate in his life. Binta Diamond Diallo, an ex-video vixen, is the second baby mama who in 2016 gave Wizkid another son. In a similar pattern, Wizkid had refused to accept the baby boy just as it was with the first son. The Guinean-American Binta even suggested a paternity test to prove the truth. She experienced months of persecution and bullying, and many of Wizkid's fans condemned his act of irresponsibility. After several months, he recognized the boy, Ayodeji, as his and took responsibility. In the case of Jada P, the famous artiste accepted his baby very quickly without a fuss due to the love he had for her. In fact, the news of the birth of Jada's baby for Wizkid surprised many because the relationship between the duo was not consummated on a romantic note; instead, she was his manager.

On July 17 2019, fans of the dashing Nigerian musician woke up to the news that Wizkid was being accused of domestic violence against his third baby mama, Jada Pollock. Despite being a beloved musician for many, Wizkid left a majority of his fans disappointed. The third baby mama and international manager of the 'Fever Man', Jada Pollock, made headlines when she made the claims. But in a dramatic twist shortly after, she claimed her phone was hacked and that her Instagram got compromised. She explained that the strange message on her Instagram page was not written by her; however, sources confirmed that Jada's strange recant was influenced by Wizkid's entreaty to her, "with a promise to behave himself." Ever since then, the couple has kept on working with each other. While Wizkid is 30 years old, Jada P is much older at 37 years of age. Considering the age difference, it makes sense that no one believed that Jada was pregnant for Wizkid. 

Is Wizkid married to Jada P? 

The answer to that would be Yes and no. It would be a "yes" since Jada Pollock supports Wizkid and manages him appropriately. In one of her Instagram posts, she promised to always have his back. On the other hand, it would be a "no" since Wizkid still claims he is single. Although they keep their businesses out of social media, we hope that Wizkid will marry Jada soon.
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