Why Emmanuella never plaits her hair

The Mark Angel Comedy group has grown with Emmanuella Samuel doing exploits at a tender age. In her years of acting, the young comedienne has risen through the ranks to become one of Africa’s best child actresses. With two awards in Australia, getting crowned the princess of comedy and accumulating massive video views on YouTube, it is of no doubt that the Mark Angel comedy brand grew at a very fast pace because of Emmanuella. But one thing that people may have noticed about her – or may have chosen to ignore – is the fact that Emmanuella always keeps her hair low. So, what is the secret behind it? We would come back to that question. Comedy has provided different opportunities to Emmanuella, some of which include a feature role in a Disney film, and an invite to the National Assembly by the former Senate President Bukola Saraki. When asked how she copes with meeting unfamiliar people daily, Emmanuella noted that there are many times she forgets her celebrity status until she meets people who want to take pictures with her. Just like every human being, there are some days she is not in the best mood, and there are days she feels low and still has to smile for the camera. On days like this, she manages her feelings, smiles, and takes the pictures because she recognizes that she has to be empathic and ensure that her fans feel loved at all times. Emmanuella had been attending a public school but as soon as she rose to stardom, she started getting bizarre preferential treatments from her teachers. For example, if she decided she was not ready to learn, they will take it from her. The special attention given to Emmanuella affected her education to the point that her parents had no choice but to move her to a private school. If she wasn’t acting, she would have been a make-up artist and her goal is to become a Hollywood actor in future. As the saying goes, nothing good comes easy. Emmanuella was met with some resistance from her uncle, Mark Angel, at first. Mark who ran a comedy skit business at the time had called for children to audition but quickly found that they couldn’t remember their lines, and that gave her room to shine. In fact, Mark had no idea that his comedy business was going to grow big. He had been shooting skits for years for the fun of it until he met Emmanuella. He admitted in an interview that when people see her in his videos, their moods change. Since the success of the Mark Angel comedy, there has been a rise of child comedians in Nigeria, thanks to Emmanuella.  

Back to the original question: Why does Emmanuella keep a low cut?


The short answer is religion and family tradition. The idea of keeping a low hair cut is a culture that had long been practised by Emmanuella’s family long before she was born. According to Mark Angel, everyone in their family, both male and female, always keep their hair short. In particular, Emmanuella does not like making her hair because it hurts her whenever she does. Aside from that, the comedienne decided to continue keeping her hair short because of her brand. Her aim is to make sure her fans would always recognize her whenever they see her in a skit or a movie. Maybe when she grows older things would change. But for now, we should all continue to appreciate her talent.

Segun Alabi

Segun Alabi is a news reporter at HotNaija. He covers a wide range of topics including news and celebrity showbiz

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