This woman is richer than Dangote, Wizkid, Davido, Otedola and Alakija combined

She is richer than most Nigerian celebrities. She is independent, wealthy and business-minded. At her wedding, cars and iPhones were shared as souvenirs to guests. Even though her marriage crashed, that did not stop her from cashing out. Meet Ehizogie Ogbebor, a Nigerian woman whose expensive lifestyle has quickly caught the attention of many. On June 15th, 2020, Ogbebor showed off her impressive seven-bedroom white and gold-plated mansion which she built for her 35th birthday. She also gladly disclosed that the magnificent building was completed in the space of one year and six months. While some Nigerians congratulated her impressive efforts, others and questioned the source of her wealth. 

So how did she become a millionaire?

Born on the 15th of June 1985, Ehizogie grew up in Edo state and attended Ambrose Alli University. Ogbebor is the founder and CEO of Sayaveth Interiors & Hotels, one of Nigeria’s biggest luxury interior designing companies. She is popularly known for the business prowess she possesses. Having left an Insurance job to invest in a business predominated by males, she started with basic house finishing until she expanded to furnishing and luxury. 


Ehizogie Ogbebor first shot to limelight in 2017 after her wedding to a billionaire, Ken Bramor. The extravagant nuptial trended on social media on account of its sheer opulence and grand scale. The highlight of the wedding was when the couple presented two Toyota Camry cars as souvenirs to lucky winners of a raffle draw at the traditional wedding reception. Other guests received iPhone X as well.


When Ehi -- as she’s mostly called by close friends -- got married to her oil and gas magnate husband, Chief Kenneth Bramor, she came in as his 3rd wife but immediately became the number one person in the heart of her wealthy husband, by virtue of her exposure and a prominent personage.


She was a social media sensation who enjoyed so much of the notoriety that Instagram brought her way. The graduate of Biochemistry from Ambrose Alli University remarried after being divorced for a whole decade.


She met her husband to be at her interior company in 2015 and one thing led to another and both fell in love with each other.


A lot of controversies surrounded Ogbebor’s marriage. She sealed her union with Kenneth Bramor after divorce from her first husband of 10 years with whom she had two kids. Their expensive and lavish wedding was attended by crème de la crème men and women in Nigeria, including former Senator Dino Melaye. Their union was blessed with two kids, named Ibuere, and Kenneth.


But to the utmost surprise of everyone, eight months after her second marriage, Ehi Ogbebor filed for divorce again, describing her marriage as a curse and spewing grave scandals about Ken. She labelled him as a cultist and serial-husband during an interview she had with Stella Dimoko. According to Ehi, Ken got engaged to another lady by the name Shirley, whom she said he was dating before he got married to her. She also claimed her ex-husband tried to kill her child, Ibuere but failed. She went further to accuse the billionaire of getting engaged to other women, up to 6 of them, whom he has up to 10 children with.


On his part, Ken said he divorced Ehi on the grounds of Infidelity. He alleged that Ehi was still sleeping with her boyfriend Richard also known as Duke of Spade. Ken also added that the first child Ehi bore, while they were married, was not his biological child but the product of an adulterous affair.


Ehi Ogbebor is best described as a business Amazon. She runs a thriving interior and hospitality firm, Sayaveth Interiors & Hotels, that stands as one of the most popular in Nigeria. In fact, she recently completed her million-dollar mansion which she celebrated during her 35th birthday.  Of a fact, Ehi did not start building her business pyramid in one day. Before going into interior design business, she was a beauty queen and a marketer for an insurance company for eight years. Her marketing insurance job fetched her a car worth 8 million even when her bosses were using official cars.


She channelled her skills into a business and secured her first contract in 2011. The project, which was to fix curtains for a client in Imo State didn’t yield much profit, but Ehizogie learned from the experience. She was also into a joint brokering business which she later untethered from, following advice from her bank account manager. The name “Sayaveth,” according to her, is a name she coined from a cartoon TV show.


Ogbebor’s big break was when she landed a job to furnish a 4,000-meter square building owned by an undisclosed Nigerian senator. In addition to her interior decoration business, she became a hotelier. Her hotel served as another source of income but mainly as a demo and accommodation for clients who came to see her previous furnishing works.


Ehi Ogbebor last made national news in late 2018 when her second marriage to Ken Bramor crashed, following a big society wedding that also broke social media. Even though her story is ‘filled with broken pieces, bad decisions, and some ugly truths, she believes that it is also filled with a major comeback, peace for her soul, and the grace that saved her life’.


Her ultra-modern, multi-million Naira 7-bedroom home features an abundance of gold accents in its interior design. The gold is combined majorly with white and some black as seen in her video. Besides the 7 bedrooms, the mansion comes complete with state-of-the-art fixtures including an automatic toilet seat, a grand piano, an indoor viewing room and a full-size swimming pool. 


As an interior design expert who is also into home construction services, this majestic edifice is the best advertisement Ehizogie could have done for her business brand, Sayaveth Interiors and Hotel.

Segun Alabi

Segun Alabi is a news reporter at HotNaija. He covers a wide range of topics including news and celebrity showbiz

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