Again, Bobrisky wears male clothes to his father's birthday

Cross-dresser Bobrisky dressed up as a man -- for the second time -- to his father's birthday on Wednesday, sparking reactions from fans home and abroad. An Instagram post made by Gistlover showed the controversial influencer wearing a black Jalamia and a face mask to surprise his dad with a Lexus SUV. The male barbie announced the same on his page on Tuesday. "Happy birthday daddy, may you live long for me. I can’t wait to continue spoiling you", his caption read in part. 

Last year, Bob did the same thing; the 29-year-old reverted to his male gender, appearing in a black Jalabia and a red face cap to his father's birthday party. He later defended his actions, saying, "I don't have to paint my face to my father's house. I respect my family". To some, Bobrisky's father is not in support of his transgender lifestyle. However, as one commenter noted, "he [Bob's dad] has come to terms that he can't change him [Bobrisky]".

Bobrisky's deeds on social media have raised questions about his gender identity. While he loves dressing like a woman and has claimed to undergo gender transition surgery, he has not explicitly stated that he is part of the LGBTQ community. Bob currently resides in Nigeria, a country where being gay would land him in prison for 14 years.

Alex Victor

Alex Victor is an analyst at HotNaija

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