Busting myths about T.B. Joshua's death

While it is no longer news that the founder of the Synagogue Church, Prophet T.B. Joshua, is dead, there have been many myths circulating the internet about the celebrity pastor. "T.B. Joshua appeared in his church during service", "A mysterious angel appears at T.B. Joshua's burial", "Snake appears in T.B. Joshua's church", and "T.B. Joshua was a ritualist" are just a few examples of these. Hence, this article will present the myths and the facts about T.B. Joshua's death.

#1: T.B. Joshua appeared in his church during service

Fact: T.B. Joshua has never appeared in his church. Although the revered pastor made several prophecies that never came to pass, he did not claim to have powers that can make him disappear or appear. 

#2: A mysterious angel appeared at T.B. Joshua's burial

Fact: No mysterious angel appeared at T.B. Joshua's burial. T.B. Joshua has not been buried yet. According to a statement made available to the public, his funeral procession is scheduled from July 5th to July 11th. "We are currently preparing for the week-long service from Monday 5th to Sunday 11th July 2021 in honour of Prophet TB Joshua’s life and legacy.", the church said. Hence, an angel can't appear at a burial that is yet to happen.

#3: Snake appears in T.B. Joshua's Church

Fact: This claim is unverified. There is no solid evidence to prove that a snake appeared in the Synagogue Church. A post on T.B. Joshua's Emmanuel TV website suggests that the late cleric indeed caught three serpents; however, that claim remains unverified.

#4: T.B. Joshua is a witch and ritualist

Fact: There is no evidence to prove that T.B. Joshua was a witch or ritualist.  

#5: T.B. Joshua's daughter gave birth on his 58th birthday. 

Fact: Unverified claim. There has been no official announcement confirming that T.B. Joshua's daughter, Sara Joshua, put to bed on his post-humous 58th birthday. Furthermore, although Sara is married to Brian Moshi, she has not confirmed the reports of her giving birth.

#6: T.B Joshua will be buried inside his church premises

Fact: Prophet T.B Joshua will indeed be buried inside his church premises. The management of the Synagogue Church announced in a statement that "he will be laid to rest at The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) in Lagos, Nigeria". 
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