'The Evil Secrets Of T.B. Joshua Have Been Exposed' - Reactions Trail Preacher's Death

On the heels of Prophet T.B. Joshua's death, condolences have been sent to the late preacher's family. However, for some, Joshua does not deserve to be celebrated. For one, Dr Oguname -- a Germany-based Nigerian man -- is actually happy that Prophet Joshua died. While chastising the late televangelist for "celebrating Ada Jesus' death," Oguname branded Christianity as "a strange doctrine that has been brought to disconnect our people from the right direction." In a 42 minute video posted to his Facebook page, Oguname wrote, "the death of TB Joshua is just the beginning. Many more would still follow. The blood of Ada Jesus is going to drown all of these demons, putting Africans in a deep sleep."

He continued, saying, "If you all remember the teaching I did a few months ago about Ada Jesus. I made it so clear that even if they are trying to wash their hands from her issue, we all know that the people who celebrated her death are these giant pastors," he said while gesticulating. "We all know that all these people used her death as a reaffirmation to update their members."

Similarly, radio presenter Sandra Ezekwesili, in a series of tweets, alleged that TB Joshua's ministry "did a lot of damage." Her comments immediately garnered various reactions, including one that claimed he "gave some of his congregation holy water to cure AIDS."

Evelyn Joshua and Pastors react.

Meanwhile, TB Joshua's wife, Evelyn, told reporters that she met her late husband "sitting unconscious" after he suddenly left his church members during service. The founding Pastor of Christ Mercyland narrated a similar story to his church members. The police commissioner in Lagos, Hakeem Odumosu, also confirmed the development, adding that Joshua passed on at 3am on Sunday, June 5th. Furthermore, the founding Pastor of Champions' Royal Assembly, Joshua Iginla, revealed during his church's Sunday service that he foresaw the death of T.B. Joseph on different occasions between 2015 and 2018. Iginla stated that he "communicated the vision" to T.B. Joshua", but the Synagogue Church pastor did not seem fazed. Shepherd Bushiri, who is just as controversial as TB Joshua, paid his respects to the late cleric, saying, "we cannot allow this pass us by."
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