Kidnappers of Bethel Baptist students request 60 million Naira to release victims

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Bethel Baptist High School students' abductors have reportedly demanded a ransom of N500,000 per student.

121 students were initially kidnapped from the school in Kaduna. However, one of them was released on medical grounds. The bandits later demanded 20 bags of rice, among other provisions, to feed the children.

Per a Vanguard report, the abductors are requesting that 60 million Naira be paid as ransom. That turns out to be 500,000 Naira per student.

One of the abductees' parents disclosed that the underworld men initially demanded hundreds of millions of Naira but later agreed to take 60 million Naira.

“We are already working round the clock to raise the ransom", he said, adding, “Some amount has been gathered, but the church is trying to raise additional funds from members and well-wishers to complete the money".

According to the parent's account, the kidnappers said the kids would be released a day after the ransom payment.

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