Man burns down church over alleged fake prophecies

A member of God of Truth Covenant Evangelical Church has set the church on fire after alleging that he was misled by false prophecies.

Oluwatosin Adegoke, a long-time member of the church, set the building ablaze after his faith in the prophecies got dwindled. 

According to a PM Express report, the culprit had, on many occasions, warned the presiding pastor to close the church and stop churning out fake prophecies, but the clergyman paid no attention to his member's warning. The infuriated member resorted to burning the church building out of anger.

The fire engulfed the entire church building, with musical instruments, chairs, baskets, equipment, and sound systems burnt beyond recognition. Witnesses said the fire was ignited with a substance suspected to be motor spirit.

Adegoke reportedly surrendered himself to the police at the scene.

From the point of view of the pastor-in-charge, Adegoke was "mentally ill" and was incapable of thinking straight. The police charged Mr Adegoke before the Ejigbo Magistrates Court for arson, where he pleaded guilty.

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