A policeman went into an Enugu lotto firm and killed people

A fantastic Saturday night turned red after a policeman attacked a lotto firm and shot everyone his eyes could sight.

Christiana, a survivor of the attack

Elizabeth, one of the incident survivors, spoke with Punch and claimed that the policeman called out their names to make sure that none of his targets survived the ambush. 

According to her, the policeman switched off the lights of the lotto firm in Golf Estate, Enugu, before launching his attack. He accused two of the workers of the firm of being gunmen.

She said, “He was praising God that he killed two of the suspected gunmen before our chef...shouted from his hiding place that he (policeman) was the gunman shooting and killing everybody.”

Although she thought all was over after surviving two shots, one on her elbow and the other on her upper arm, the policeman made another surprising move: he called out the names of the workers, starting with her sister, Susana.

"Susana! Susana! Come out if you are alive. Elizabeth! come out if you are alive." She claimed the bloodthirsty cop cried.

Only she could hear the cop shout as the lifeless body of her sister decorated the floor beside her.

According to Rose, a fellow worker at the firm, the cop was not under the influence of alcohol. He simply "hated the activities of Biafra".

Many others were attacked in the incident, including a certain Mr Orji, the firm's boss, who lost his life in the attack. Elizabeth, Christiana, and the other injured people are currently receiving treatment at Enugu State University Teaching Hospital, Parklane.

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