Fans mock Arsenal's Willian over his potbelly

Fans are mocking Arsenal player Willian Borges da Silva, who just returned to Arsenal's pre-season training, for his potbelly.

Arsenal fans are not finding it funny as their supposed star appeared with an unusual belly in recent pictures, with some contending that the Brazilian player must have had lots of fun during the break and may have forgotten that he'd still hit the field soon. 

Fans could not bear the awkward appearance, which is somewhat similar to a photo of his former teammate, Eden Hazard, who has been a flop since he arrived at Madrid. 

Like Eden, Willian has also been tagged a flop after performing below expectations for his club since his arrival. In fact, the previous season has been the worst football season of his career, which is evident to avid football fans.

Now the question pending an answer is if the Arsenal player has worsened his state. 

The 32-year-old signed for the London club in August 2020 on a three-year contract after failing to secure a good deal with his former team, Chelsea. Arteta needs him to win the Champions League. However, their last season campaign had been nothing but disappointing as they could not secure a spot in the Europa League.

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