People will hunger for death after my mother's burial - Obi Cubana

Pretty Mike claimed that Obi Cubana told him "people will hunger for death after seeing his mother's funeral".

Not too long ago, Obi Cubana's wife lost her father. Shortly after that, the Cubana club owner lost his mother, leaving two deceased bodies for the couple to bury.

Pretty Mike, who claimed to have attended Cubana's wife's father's funeral, said it was like a carnival. 

Mike stated that he asked the businessman why he had to wait until July to bury his mother. The socialite supposedly replied that his mother deserves to rest and go out gloriously.  

Mike said that after pestering on, Obi Cubana said, "people will crave death after this mother's burial".

Those words may have not made sense a few months back, but the message behind them has now been decrypted.

The burial of Obi Cubana's mother is a trending topic on almost all social media platforms in Nigeria. People have been left in awe of how much money could be spent in laying a soul to rest. Not to mention that the deceased was reportedly laid to rest in a coffin worth N30 million.

The socialite also received donations worth almost half a billion Naira. This may arguably be the most extravagant funeral ever seen in a while.

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