How Apple Became The World's Richest Company

Apple has always been a company that other electronic competitors needed to look out for. The company is an overall game topper when it comes to creating products that everyone wants. Still, it seems to be a mystery when it comes to how quickly they became the biggest distributor for these iconic gadgets. As we all know, Apple isn't the only company in the world producing products like this, so how did they manage to push past the pack and become the one on top?

The Truth About Apple's $2 Trillion Empire

Apple computer company, now Apple Inc., was founded on April 1st, 1976, by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne as a business partnership. The company's first product was Apple I – a computer designed and hand-built entirely by Wozniak. Jobs, the most popular of Apple's founders, was the voice and the face of the company. Wozniak and Wayne were behind him as the builders for many of the internal systems for their products. Apple has since reached $2 trillion of value within the stock market as of 2021.

The Beginning Of Apple

Back in March of 1976, Steve Wozniak had just invented the Apple I. He had already designed the computer's hardware, circuit board designs, and operating system all alone. At first, while working there, Wozniak initially offered the design to HP (Hewlett-Packard: An American manufacturer of software and computer services) but was denied on five occasions. 
Steve Jobs's innovation kicked in, and he suggested they start their own company to build and sell bare printed circuit boards. Ronald Wayne illustrated the first Apple logo and wrote the Apple I manual. The Apple I sold for $666. Later that year, they sold their first 50 system to Terrell (a leading engineering firm in France and abroad, renowned for its structural, mechanical, electrical, and facade engineering). It officially went on sale in July 1976. 

They managed to sell 175 of the 200. This gave Apple a boost when they needed it most. After selling the first of their boards, they moved on to the creation of the Apple II. Wozniak's first article about Apple II was featured in the famous Byte magazine. In May 1977, it became one of the first highly successful mass-produced personal computers in the world.

Apple's Growth

Apple made the Apple III, disc II, floppy disk drive, Macintosh 128k, and the Apple desktop bus during 1978 and the mid-80s. The steady flow of products helped the company gain an audience and make money because people anticipated their products due to Steve Jobs's way of marketing Apple. Apple made around $978,850,600 and sold around 140,000 units overall for all of these products.

The Founders of Apple

Ronald Wayne later decided that he had risked enough of the business world because his slot machine business turned out poorly. Wayne concluded it would be better to step away from this new venture before becoming swamped with debt, leaving Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak.

Wozniak and Jobs had found a system that worked for them, and they were producing computers and electronic parts left, right, and centre. This continued release and flow of products helped the company become acquainted with the more influential, wealthier companies and the people surrounding them in California. 

Eventually, in the mid-80s, Wozniak didn't like the company's direction and felt it was holding him back from what he wanted to do, so he decided to leave Apple. Wozniak went on to fund his projects, such as the world's first programmable universal remote in 1987. 

On the other hand, Steve Jobs remained hardworking. He worked with different people and eventually found a team he meshed with well. Together, they found the direction of Apple that we know today. Steve Jobs was with Apple until 2011. 
These founders are what made the company what it is today. Even though Ronald Wayne wasn't part of the company for too long, he contributed things that helped push Apple up the ladder.

Apple Within the Society

As earlier discussed, Apple has always been a pretty popular company. Even in the beginning, during the 70s, Apple managed to produce products that enticed an audience. Starting off selling their products on a lesser scale to a well-known partner was a good decision for the company to start with, as it helped get their name out there. 

Although Wozniak and Wayne eventually left Apple to pursue other career ideas, their skills and hardworking nature helped push Apple to the top of the chain. Without Wozniak and Wayne starting with Jobs, in the beginning, Apple could have been famous. Still, the time was ticking, especially for Wayne, who we already know, ended up leaving shortly after the three of them signed a partnership agreement. 

Back in the 70s and 80s, people wanted Apple's products because they were new and technology was changing, and nobody had produced any product that resembled what Apple was making. Of course, things have changed, and people are making similar products to Apple nowadays, but still, people crave Apple products. Why?
Everyone loves Apple because of the reputation they built earlier on in the company. People want to buy Apple now, not always for the product itself, but because they can say they own an Apple product.

Although other technology companies are rising to the same or similar level that Apple is at, Apple is still at the top of the chain because they keep bringing out new products almost every year, with people always anticipating their latest releases. Other companies usually take a few years to release new products, but Apple releases products systematically.

Apple's main flaw, however, is that they seem to be slowing down. Not with the releases, but they seem to be slowing down with creating new and exciting products. Apple receives a lot of criticism because it changes minor features of its products and markets them as new. Of course, eventually, other companies will overtake Apple. However, even with their releases of similar phones especially, they're still gaining around $260 billion per year, which is very impressive for a company that's only 44 years old.

The Next Few Years With Apple

Ever since the premature passing of Jobs, Apple has seemingly followed in his direction, with the release of products with similar designs to the products released under Jobs's direction. Although the products have a newer and shinier look, they still retain that old Apple look. Apple has developed new ideas in recent months and past years. 

The most recent product from Apple is the iPhone 13 series, Apple watches series 6, home pod, high-end over-the-ear headphones, low-cost iPads, and so many products beyond 2021. Apple is moving on to a more modern and futuristic approach in their product designs, mainly because most companies are also making adjustments and changes to their pre-existing products.

Apple, as a company, isn't slowing down in terms of production and distribution. And with the release of different designs with their products, there will be a diverse audience wanting to buy these products. 

This means that, unless they make several lousy business ideas or put out wrong statements into the world, Apple will continue to rise and stay as one of the top-rated electronics companies in the world as a whole. Apple has proven to remain among the top competitors in the computing world for years to come, so let's see how they do it in the next few years.
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