How to Become a Celebrity in Nigeria (2022)

Nowadays, becoming a celebrity is now a piece of cake. Social media has made it easier and faster to connect with a large audience conveniently, mainly from the comfort of your home. Although, getting to the celebrity status doesn't just happen overnight. To gain fame in a short period, you need to be committed and consistent in your desired field.

Many public figures started on their quest to fame themselves, while some were born into fame, such as Wizkid's sons (Zion and Boluwatife) and Davido's daughter (Image). Money, personality, weird looks/habits, creativity, leadership, and entrepreneurship skills are what make up a celebrity. Here are 8 proven ways to become a celebrity in Nigeria in 2022.

(1). Join the Music Industry

Over 90% of Nigerians listen to songs of one genre, language, or another. Careers such as DJ, Music producing, Sound engineering, Music video directing, Singing, Rapping, Composing, songwriting, Tour & Artist management have all made big names for many in the music scene. It's a sure way to build massive fame and followers base.

(2). Become a Comedian

Lately, you don't have to be a standup comedian or stage performer before you can be tagged as funny to become famous. With the help of platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook, this lucrative act has earned fame to hundreds of people in Nigeria. You can simply come up with a funny scene from your house, get all your friends together, put on a funny attire or facial expression, and shoot a video to upload online.

Many comedians have bagged multiple endorsement deals from multinational companies, thanks to their funny and humourous videos that crack the ribs. Everyone enjoys watching funny videos, so starting a career here would help boost you to fame. Take comedians like Nasty Blaq, Sydney Talker, Mr Macaroni, and Brother Shaggi for examples.

(3). Become a Controversial Person

Causing a steer online to make people argue and get upset on something or someone has over the time gained popularity for random people in Nigeria. Involving yourself in controversies or starting one yourself has helped many people like Uche Maduagwu gain fame in Nigeria. 

Controversies attract attention because they trigger emotional responses, which is needed to generate large numbers of engagements across the country. When audiences visit your social media page, click on your content, and share your content, this can help you gain publicity very fast.

(4). Join the Movie Scene

The most brilliant way to become famous in acting is to become the best you can be, stay in class, do your best at every audition, build your career one step at a time, master the art, and understand the sacrifices necessary to make meet your career needs.

One of the most critical ways to kick-start your career as a famous movie star is putting yourself in the right places. Find ways to access the right casting, directors, agents, and filmmakers that would give you lead roles into boosting your fame more.

(5). Join Politics

Politicians are people politically active, especially in party politics. All elected representatives in the government are politicians. So what does it take to become famous through politics? Well, after earning the necessary degrees in pursuing the career, you become visible in your local community first (don't rush to the national stage yet). 

Now that your name is out there in your local community, practice public speaking at local events, research the requirements for the office you wish to hold, begin an election campaign and see how fast you start to trend online.

(6). Become a Human Rights Activist

A human rights activist is an individual who promotes, protects, or defends human rights. Over time, celebrities like Reno Omokri (ex-presidential aide and human rights activist) have become well known in Nigeria due to their active involvement in ensuring that the government meets the people's rights. So tell me, who wouldn't love someone that fights for the cause of humanity? No one! This tremendous move has been helping a lot of people gain prominence and rise to stardom in Nigeria. 

(7). Do something weird

Everyone loves a good joke once in a while. And it doesn't necessarily have to be a joke; it could be something humorous and weird that would get people to engage with you and help you become famous. Do strange things and see how fast you become the town's trend within the twinkle of an eye. You can find hundreds of weird ideas on YouTube to recreate to gain attention in Nigeria.

(8). Be Innovative

Innovation starts with curiosity, and when you're curious, you get interested in creating new concepts, techniques, and experiences to promote a former idea. 

Nigerians who have brainstormed on a new concept and design have gained immense popularity on not just social media but also in households. Once you put your incremental innovative ideas into action, just sit back and watch how quickly your name is being mentioned everywhere.

So there you have it. Try one of the above-listed ideas, and you can thank us later once you finally gain fame in Nigeria and hopefully beyond. Thanks for reading!
Alade Habeeb

I am a writer with a sense of creativity to write on multiple topics. I create engaging, thrilling and entertaining contents and I always take the time to edit my work well before publishing. I follow all the latest trends and read about recent happenings in the entertainment industry to always update my readers.

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