What would happen if money didn't exist?

Many people have made suggestions about why money shouldn't exist, believing it would make the world a better place. But do you think life would be so exciting and fun as it is today if money wasn't a thing?

In my opinion, I don't think the world would ever be safe to live in if there wasn't any medium of exchange. Take a moment to imagine what you think the world would be if money didn't exist. 

• It would mean everyone had enough to eat. 
• We would all have a place to live conveniently and securely. 
• There would be equal and unrestricted access to all stages of education and healthcare. 
• People would only be interested in pursuing their interests and hobbies. 
• Greed wouldn't exist.
•There won't be a need for any crime to be committed.
• Life will be less complicated, in the fact that "money is the root of all evil".
In short, we would all be equal.

But is all that possible? No!

Imagine just waking up, and you walk into a coffee shop demanding a cup of coffee, and then you just leave without paying. Would that make any sense? I can't even imagine the feeling of walking around without my wallet or any form of payment method when I know that a need for it might arise. Despite having many pros and cons to the existence of money, I believe it would lead to chaos.

Taking whatever you want without getting reprimanded for doing something illegal can be fun sometimes, but trust me, it wouldn't last. Once some particular set of people lay their hands on the most luxurious homes and cars, leaving out others with less luxurious ones, it would ultimately result in conflict. Life would be very unfair; both the lazy and hardworking ones would enjoy the same benefits. Supermarkets, farms, and restaurants would be bombarded daily, with stuff taken out now and then.

Many would say it could solve poverty, but we all know how some particular set of humans are greedy to the extent whereby they take more than they need. It would result in many things becoming unavailable and some unable to go round. 

Conclusively, the world's population will be in disorder, as the lack of money causes instability in the market. In fact, fair trade of goods will be complex. People would swap items or services they needed with random people, such as exchanging house cleaning services with food and drinks, farm animals with kitchen utensils, mattresses with healthcare, or education. All this can only be possible on a small scale, not when it involves the governments.
Alade Habeeb

I am a writer with a sense of creativity to write on multiple topics. I create engaging, thrilling and entertaining contents and I always take the time to edit my work well before publishing. I follow all the latest trends and read about recent happenings in the entertainment industry to always update my readers.

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