Why Pi Network will be a success in Nigeria

If you're a Pi pioneer, you don't have to worry about the Pi Network failing. In fact, the Pi has outperformed other altcoins in the crypto market, so there's no doubt this would be a successful project. The current test stage on Pi is just the ecological part. What you should be worried about right now is how much Pi do you hold?

Hello there, and welcome to HotNaija, your one-stop destination for the latest entertainment news, celebrity gossips and stories, lifestyle content, and cryptocurrency news. Today we'll be talking about the Pi Network once again. We've made sure to carefully pick out some of the 9 significant points that are helpful, and we'll briefly analyze how and why the Pi Network will be a global success, despite so many negative speculations online. So without any further ado, let's get started.

1. The Pi coin is issued under the name of Stanford University, and the professors linked to the development of the network are all real names. They are famous people in society, known for their contributions to blockchains and digital money. They and their entire team of developers are completing this mission day and night to create a globally recognized cryptocurrency. They don't dare to come out as failures.

2. The project developers have collectively invested $5 million so far and have not yet collected a penny from miners mining on their official app. This shows how dedicated the team is to this project, and something big is coming soon.

3. Stanford University ranks 2nd in the world for reputation and world leader in blockchain technology. So if they can't make Pi a success, who can? The Ethereum founder – Vitalik Buterin, graduated from Stanford University and is also said to be one of the co-founders of Pi. "The Pi coin is going to be highly valued," the developers assure.

4. They send invitations to the world to recruit blockchain talents. As of writing this post, five people have been hired mainly for 'ecological construction.' This is something that other popular coins have not done yet. The Pi Network tries to complete all the tests that can allow it to scale globally on the current Testnet before moving to the Mainnet.

Note: This requires an investment of time, capital, and technology. So with this form of dedication, you have nothing to worry about.

5. In my opinion, after 10 years of development, the era of blockchain has arrived, and technology has matured. The Pi Network is the first blockchain that can be used in practice, and the Pi Network Market (PNM), will also be the first block in the world.

6. The difference between Pi coin Mall with E-commerce platforms like Amazon, Jumia, Alibaba, Taobao, etc., uses cash to buy goods, but PNM pioneers use Pi to purchase goods. There are also profits from Alibaba and Amazon that Jeff Bezos and Jack Ma make. The profits of Pi coin are reflected in the price of the Pi coin, allowing coin holders to receive dividends.

The co-founders make money by owning 20% of the Pi (as clearly stated in the whitepaper), and the miners that promote the founders own coins in the bargain of their performance card.

In essence, this is a fairly listed stock. If you want equity, you can mine Pi coins now or buy them in the future when they officially start trading on exchanges.

7. The Pi coin project team is trying to build an ecosystem to increase the coin's value by 20% more than the initially invested $5 million to build a shopping mall (digitally), receiving programs, servers, etc. The Pi Network seems to be peaceful, thanks to the leadership of three Stanford University professors. Everywhere, searches for Pi Network on Google Chrome are leading the world in search results on digital money.

At this point, are you still worried about Pi Network's failure?

8. After Pi Network's first global shopping mall, aka PNM, accepts the Pi Network application, the purchasing agency industry will be significantly affected. Buyers can directly buy Pi to buy products directly around the world. This is minus the purchasing profit of intermediaries, who are willing to trust someone for a high price. So how about buying?

9. Once the barter stabilizes the currency, the Pi currency payment system will be launched. You just need to buy cash into Pi, or Pi for cash, and you can sell your Pi.

Final Thoughts:
With the growth, development, and engagement between the developers and the users, there's a high rate of the project to succeed, as more and more people devote their time and energy to grow the network.

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