A 9-year-old girl set Ebeano supermarket on fire, damaging 3 billion Naira worth of goods

CCTV footage has exposed how a 9-year-old girl set ablaze a massive supermarket in Abuja. The mystery behind the fire was brought to light in a newly released CCTV footage.

In the video seen by HotNaija, the girl could be seen walking into a section of the supermarket. After carefully observing her environment, she ignited a fire that brought the shopping hall to ruins, with goods estimated to be worth billions lost in the inferno.

While being questioned by the police, the minor said she came to the restaurant with her mother and sister. 

“We went to the market first before going to the shop. My mummy was with my sister at the drink session," she confessed.

Tunde Ednut, who posted a video of the girl's interrogation on his Instagram page, noted that the store worthed N3 Billion. He advised parents to caution their kids. Ednut also advised stores to plant more CCTV cameras for security reasons. He pointed out that the tragedy would have been avoided if someone was monitoring the surveillance.

"Other stores (businesses) should learn from this. You need more CCTV cameras around for security reasons. If someone was sitting right in front of that CCTV monitor screen, all these would have been avoided. You don’t just fix CCTV in a big store like this. You also need someone to sit right by it to monitor every move. A big company like EBEANO should know this. If they don’t, now they know and need to take security more seriously," he added. 

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