'Sex before marriage is not a sin, it is a gift from God', Nigerian pastor says

A clergyman of End-Time Revival Evangelical Ministry, Pastor Olakunle Beloved Jesukale, has said that premarital sex is not a sin.

He stressed that preachers who preach that sex before marriage is a sin are against the 'finished work of Christ'.

Sex itself was created by God...it means that sex is a gift from God", he said.

"Sex, whether before or after or during marriage, is not a sin. If you are waiting till after marriage before having sex, you are wasting your time for nothing. Every preacher saying sex before marriage is a sin is an enemy of the finished work of Christ and is not real."

Ola justified his claims by saying that the biblical Jesus has already paid the price. Therefore anyone who commits premarital sex is no longer a sin. 

"It is no longer sin because of what Jesus has done. He became the lamb of God," he added.

He further said that sex was an act of covenant and the people of the old biblical testament considered it a sacred act. However, he believes that people should do away with that mentality and enjoy themselves how they see fit.

His preaching seems to subscribe to the Christian school of thought that believes in the supremacy of 'grace' over past, present, and future sins.

Nevertheless, his opinion will undoubtedly draw criticism from many who do not subscribe to the same belief.

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